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July 23, 2014 / rescueninja


Hello there kids,

I am currently in the Throes of Week Long Hospital Orientation, hence the continued silence.

Start in the ED on Saturday!

July 12, 2014 / rescueninja

Time for a Change

Guess who’s going to be traveling?

Hint: it’s me.


Hopefully this will kindle some excellent new stories, as I’ve been a bit fuzzy in the brain lately and obviously this has impaired my wits a bit. Stress from deliberate understaffing plus real life ridiculousness can do that, I guess.


Stay tuned to this space for The Adventures of Rescue Ninja: Traveler’s Edition!

June 21, 2014 / rescueninja


CC: “Arm under my kinney.”

March 15, 2014 / rescueninja

Spellin’ (Part 2)

As written on the sign-in sheet:

– Feng

– Broke ankel

– Sleasiures

– Seezures

– Stranged ankle

– Stomache pan

– Insion pain

March 6, 2014 / rescueninja


Maybe it’s where I live, or perhaps it’s just that people in general don’t give a damn about their education anymore… but spelling/grammar errors on sign-in sheets really irk me. Here’s a few gems from the last few weeks:

– testikal pain
– chess pain and breath
– adomal pane
– intergastrikis
– spidet bite
– diarea
– soar throt
– feet swole
– car acident
– headak
– insomia

August 16, 2013 / rescueninja

Chief Complaint of the Night

As written on the sign in sheet:

“Breaking out and breaking bad”

July 21, 2013 / rescueninja

Surgical History

Me: What surgeries have you had in the past?
Patient’s husband: Well she had both eyes operated on once when her diabetes was leaking out into them. They had to go in and cauterize it.


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