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March 15, 2014 / rescueninja

Spellin’ (Part 2)

As written on the sign-in sheet:

– Feng

– Broke ankel

– Sleasiures

– Seezures

– Stranged ankle

– Stomache pan

– Insion pain



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  1. shrtstormtrooper / Apr 6 2014 23:26

    I’m usually a pretty dapper hand at figuring out stoopidspeak, but I’m stumped on Feng. What was it really?!

    • rescueninja / Apr 9 2014 20:43

      Finger. (Although with the dramatics you’d think someone had chopped their arm off, not given them a teeny booboo.)

  2. Mathi Bear / Apr 15 2014 23:38

    A few spellings are at least phonetically OK. I would expect that from an ESL person trying to be understood. The rest should be treated and forced to download word-a-day apps. Also for some reason Stomach and Diarrhea are some of the most often misspelled words even by people who should know better.

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